SCHNEEBERG shapes the finest glass products with the highest quality standards in the long tradition of the Erzgebirge - 100% Made in Germany.


Ultra-brilliant, frameless, patented SCHNEEBERG 3-pane insulating glass of the highest quality.

Energy efficiency

Up to 70% higher insulation efficiency value with 0.7 U compared to competitors with 1.7-3.0 U.


SCHNEEBERG lamination process combines impermeability with transparency and durability.

SCHNEEBERG - your expert for flawless, high-quality insulating glass products. As a renowned manufacturer, we offer you the finest insulating glass on the market. Based in Schneeberg, Germany, we pride ourselves on offering first-class products that combine the highest insulating performance with aesthetic elegance. Trust our expertise and let Schneeberg enhance your applications with excellent quality and outstanding insulation.

Quality in detail

    clear, four-sided rimless field of vision!
    highest optical quality
    highest edge quality without offset

  • high-quality metal oxide-coated fluid thermal 3-pane insulation glass

  • high U-value of up to 0.7 (compared to 1.7 to 3 for the competition). The insulating effect of SCHNEEBERG glass is up to 70% higher than that of competitor panes
    maximum tightness and transparency thanks to the Schneeberg lamination process
    high durability
    high rust protection
    avoidance of transport damage thanks to highly secure packaging and only vertical transportation

Over 23 years of team experience

Highest quality standards

Customer satisfaction of 99%+


Sheets of Factory manufacturing tempered clear float glass panels cut to size.

Customization of insulating glass panes

We manufacture customized glass for your individual needs. Get in touch with us!

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Glass advice and selection

Our specialist team will support you in selecting the right glass for your requirements. Put your trust in our expertise!

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Glass installation and assembly

Our qualified specialists take care of the professional installation and assembly of your glass panes in the factory. You can rely on the highest quality!

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Glass repair and maintenance

We offer professional repair and maintenance services for insulating glass panes to ensure their longevity and functionality.

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Glass design and customization

Our experienced design team transforms SCHNEEBERG glass into unique works of art. Give your rooms a special touch!

Close up Car glaze worker fixing and repairing a windshield or windshield of a car at a garage service station. Drill glass for repair

Glass delivery and logistics

We take care of the safe and punctual delivery of your glass panes to the desired location. Put your trust in our reliable logistics!

Venetian blinds with isolette

Venetian blinds with isolette

Venetian blinds with isolette for partitions that combine privacy, sound reduction and light control. It consists of aluminum slats between two safety glass panes and can be controlled manually or by motor.

Glass quality testing

Our experts carry out quality-related tests on insulating glass panes to ensure that they meet the highest standards. In this way, we guarantee our customers first-class and flawless products.

About us

Schneeberg is a manufacturer of flawless, high-quality and finest insulating glass panes. Our products are known for their exceptional quality and precision.

Our company is based in Schneeberg, Germany, and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with first-class insulating glass solutions. With our expertise and experience, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards and exceed our customers' requirements.

"Over the period of our partnership since 2021, Glastechnik Schneeberg GmbH has consistently demonstrated an exceptional level of service and commitment. Their ability to respond quickly and effectively to our specific requirements has been invaluable to us. It is rare to find a company that combines such a long-standing tradition of excellence with a high understanding of modern customer satisfaction. As Managing Director of MiraGlas GmbH, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for this."

Dieter Pfaltz
Managing Director Mira-Glass GmbH

Get in touch with us

Contact us using the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your building projects.

Or call us directly now on: +49 3772 20106

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